Segregation - Order number#C106012

In this assignment, you will create a simulation of Schelling's model.

How the program works:

The model consists of two types of agents: 1 and 2. The two types of agents might represent

different races, ethnicities, economic statuses, etc. You will create an animation of these two

types of agents moving over time.

When the simulation starts the simulation grid is populated randomly with 40% agent 1 and 35%

agent 2. The rest of the squares are left empty.

Then, throughout the simulation, at every tick of the clock all dissatisfied agents are moved to

new locations. These new locations can be any empty square. They do not have to be squares that

the agent will be happy in.

The simulation continues until all agents are satisfied.

The two populations (the two agent types) are initially placed into random locations in a neighborhood represented by a

grid (list of lists). After placing all the agents in the grid, each cell is either occupied by an agent or is empty as shown


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